Broadsides collection

To the Voters of the County of Austin
Moseley Baker declares his candidacy for the first Congress of the Republic of Texas. In this broadside, Baker states his support for the annexation of Texas by the United States., BC OB 1836-1839, Texas History, Focus on Texas history
Unanimous Declaration of Independence by the Delegates of the People of Texas, in General Convention at the town of Washington
The Texas Declaration of Independence is the outstanding state paper in Texas history. At the foot of the broadside are the names of all the delegates present, with the exception of George C. Childress and Sterling C. Robertson, of Milam. Gail and Thomas H. Borden, the printers of the broadside, later apologized for the omissions, stating that the document was printed "in too much haste, and chiefly in the night.", BC LOB 1830-1839, Texas History, Focus on Texas history
Viva El Imvicto Gral Santa Anna
BD DB 1831-1832, Texas History, Focus on Texas history