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Decreto de 6 de Abril de 1830 [Law of April 6, 1830]
Mexican colonization law prohibiting further emigration from nations bordering on the Mexican Republic, designed specifically to stop the flood of emigrants from the United States to Texas., BC DB 1830, Texas History, Focus on Texas history
Dinner to Colonel Austin
The text of Austin's speech to the citizens of Brazoria given at a dinner in his honor on September 8. Austin landed in Velasco on September 1, 1835, after more than two years in Mexico. In his speech a week later, Austin called for a convention to protest the centralist Mexican government's abrogation of the Constitution of 1824. He ended his address with this toast: "The Constitutional rights and the security of peace of Texas, they ought to be maintained, and jeopardized as they now are, they demand a general consultation of the people.", BC OB 1830-1835, Texas History, Focus on Texas history