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Office memo regarding Port of New York Authority, August 16, 1960
Office memo regarding the economy, January 9, 1975
Office note, February 27, 1974
Office note, July 23, 1987
Office note, July 7, 1987
Office note on briefing for Select Committee Members, January 22, 1987
Office note on Committee schedule, April 6, 1987
Office note on Iran Select Committee, January 16, 1987
Office note to save quote from The Washington Post, September 1, 1987
Office note, undated
Office note, undated
Office note, undated
Office note with past representative John L. Burton's business card attached, undated
OMB Confirmation Bill (Original Vote), Absent Members undated
OMB Confirmation Bill (original vote), undated
On Republicans leaking their report, undated
An open letter to the people of the Second Congressional District, undated
Opening day, second session of the 101st Congress, January 23, 1990
Opening statement by Chairman Jack Brooks, Government Activities Subcommittee, Committee on Government Operations, at hearing on Department of the Interior, August 15, 1962
Opening Statement by Max M. Kampelman, October 12, 1967