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Packet of press materials regarding the investigation into government spending on Richard Nixon's private homes
Packet of questions from a January briefing regarding the Watergate investigation, January 2, 1974
Packet of statement drafts for Democratic Caucus task force on accounts
Packet related to subpoenas and the Judiciary Committee Investigation of Watergate
Peanut butter crunchies
Personal correspondence with William Dawson
Phillip Burton's answers to a Common Cause questionnaire, undated [1976]
Phograph of Jack Brooks, August 1973
Phograph of Jack Brooks, July 1974
Phone message note, undated
Phone transcription from constituent Klonis to Congressman Jack Brooks, July 8, 1987
Photocopied article regarding Lt. Col. Oliver North's behavior during the Iran-Contra hearings, July 15, 1987
Photocopied political cartoons and article sent from constituents Hogue
Photocopy of a $25.00 check ¥to the Contras¥ from constituent McGlynn, August 14, 1987
Photocopy of article entitled ¥Democracy seems to annoy North,¥ August 7, 1987
Photocopy of article entitled ¥Hostage Diplomacy,¥ undated
Photocopy of book jacket Assault on the Liberty by James M. Ennes, Jr., undated
Photocopy of political cartoon personifying countries' roles in the Iran-Contra Scandal, August 6, 1987
Photograph and caption, 1973
Photograph of a constituent on her 91st birthday, August 1968