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Armed Forces Comptroller, Article by Congressman Jack Brooks, April 1, 1966
Article by Congressman Jack Brooks, March 16, 1966
Article clipping from the Beaumont Enterprise sent from Congressman Charles B. Rangel, entitled ¥Report needs bipartisanship,¥ July 30, 1987
Article entitled "Phil Burton, a positive powerhouse" in the San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle, November 14, 1976
Article entitled ¥The United States and Israel¥ by Douglas MacArthur II, March 16, 1987
Article II, Draft, July 27, 1974
Article II, pending, Draft 3, Doar, date unclear
Article in Professional Engineer Magazine, January 1, 1973
Article, undated
Articles in Addition to, and Amendment of, the Constitution of the United States of America, Proposed by Congress, and Ratified by the Legislatures of the Several States Pursuant to the Fifth Article of the Constitution
Award Acceptance Speech by Congressman Jack Brooks, undated
Background Information: White House Staff and President Nixon's Campaign Organizations, May 9, 1974
Beaumont Enterprise, June 25, 1970 -- Editorial, Congressmen Back Bentsen
Bill H. R. 16443 with a report by Jack Brooks and a newspaper article from The Daily Sun
Bill H.R. 16443, March 12, 1970
Bill H.R. 404, January 3, 1969
A bill to amend the Act of March 2, 1945, Public Law 14, 79th Congress, 1st Session, undated
Biographical Sketch of Congressman Jack Brooks, Second District of Texas, undated
Birthday letter and photograph of constituent, 1968
Black and white close up photograph of Lt. Col. Oliver North during the Iran-Contra trials, July 1987