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Brooks bill would reauthorize Independent Counsel statute, February 4, 1993
Brooks introduces legislation to improve federal policymaking regarding computers, February 17, 1972
Brooks introduces President's Immigration Initiative to speed up deportation proceedings, August 3, 1993
Brooks proposes Department of Health, March 29, 1972
Brooks statement, Judiciary Committee, July 29, 1974
Brooks statement, Judiciary Committee, undated
Brooks subcommittee approves report on air traffic control development program, July 8, 1970
Brooks unit probes distribution of federal surplus property, February 9, 1972
Brooks urges protection to public from radioactive material shipments, June 28, 1972
C-SPAN appearance notes regarding allegation against Jim Wright, April 10, 1989
Chairman Jack Brooks, statement on proxy rule change, Democratic caucus, January 31, 1979
Chairman statement second day, October 11, 1973
Closing statement of Congressman Jack Brooks ending hearings on increased efficiency and effectiveness in the management and use of data processing techniques, July 20, 1967
Comments from Jack Brooks to Chet Holifield, Chairman of the Government Operations Committee, December 12, 1974
Comments made by Jack Brooks about gun control during interview with Jack Williams, March 12, 1975
Congressman Jack Brooks (D-Tex.), U.S. House of Representatives, January 19, 1977
Congressman Jack Brooks (D-Tex.), U.S. House of Representatives, January 19, 1977, Report on the Activities of the Joint Committee on Congressional Operations in the 94th Congress
Congressman Jack Brooks, U.S. House of Representatives, March 17, 1976, Today in Congress
Copy of a House of Representatives resolution regarding peace in Vietnam, November 3, 1969
Copy of letter from Jack Brooks to Lady Bird Johnson, August 3, 1967