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On Campus photos and article: "Burleson Bells to chime again"
On Campus section: "Response by the University to HEW Report"
"On Insurance"
Oversize event coverage in Austin American- Statesman
"Rapoport Chair Supports Research on U.S. Labor"
"Revenge of the Right"
Selected pages from On Campus, a publication for faculty and staff at The University of Texas at Austin
"Sen. Frank Church-Dark Horse Candidate for the Presidency"
STAFF: A Congressional Staff Journal as a Process for Communication, Issue 5, [1976]
The Summer Texan – coverage of Whitman Sniper Tragedy
"Texas' 20 Top Titans"
The Texas Law Forum
"Texas Liberals Regroup"
"The Country's Priorities"
"The Jim Wright Club"
"The longest shot"
"The Nature of Power"
"The Promise: 'You Ain't Seen Nothing' Yet!"
Time Magazine article on the 1952 Democratic National Convention
Title page of The Center Magazine, circa January 1969