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Charles Kingsford-Smith
Cherry Hill Mobil Repair Center
Claire Frank in Machine Shop
Commander Byrd
A complete advertising program to build your station sales
Contact Book 11, page 9
Contact Book 13, Photographic thumbnail print
Contact Book 3, page 58
Contact Book 6, page 6
[Cover letter]
Cover of Photo Memo No. 1, October 1945
Cover of Photo Memo No. 3, January 1947
Dance Theater of Harlem
De Bona Breaks LA to NY Mark Aided by Mobilgas and Mobiloil
The De Havilland Aircraft Co., Ltd.
Delvac 900 series Oils
Delvac Special; The Balanced Oil for Commercial Vehicles in All Services
DO-X flies with Mobiloil
Dornier Do-X
Dornier Do-X