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"Connally Praises Martin"
"Connally Thought of Assassination at Sound of Shot"
Crawford Martin for Attorney General
"Dallas and Fort Worth Save Connally Win"
"Decision Throws Chief Executive Race Wide Open"
"Dollars and sense: Regents candidate stresses need for scholarships"
"Don Likely to Enter Race Today"
"Don Shuns Label Aims for Moderates"
Fania Kruger Dies in Austin
Farenthold for Governor campaign sign
"Firm Hit Snags in '40s"
"Former instructor sues FBI for withholding documents"
"Former Mayor of Weatherford Big Surprise in Texas Politics"
Franklin Spears for Attorney General bumper sticker
"Freeport threatens action against critics"
"From Waco to Sweden, Olson gets past the logjam"
Gramophone Tunes Yield to New Zale Drawing Cards
"His Job: Tame the Brazos"
"House Speaker Turman to Run for Lieutenant Governor"
How Senator Ralph Yarborough Works For You