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Handwritten notes, undated
Hearings, Government Activities Subcommittee, 92nd Congress, February 29, 1972
House Committee on Government Operations report on expenditure of federal funds in support of Presidential properties, May 20, 1974
House Government Activities Subcommittee program for the 90th Congress, 2nd Session, Congressman Jack Brooks, Chairman [1968]
Information for Walter Pincus interview, December 19, 1974
Internal office tracking of district mailers, July 23, 1962
Interview answers from Jack Brooks, February 21, 1975
Interview questions from the National Society of Public Accountants, undated [1975]
Investigations into Expenditures at San Clemente and Key Biscayne, undated
Issues, undated
JB's comments, December 18, 1973
Key Biscayne plot map, undated
Keynote address by Hans G. Tanzler, Jr. to National League of Cities - U.S. Conference of Mayors congressional city conference, March 15, 1976
Letter from a constituent to Jack Brooks, August 24, 1962
Letter from a constituent to Jack Brooks, July 1, 1964
Letter from a constituent to Jack Brooks, July 25, 1977
Letter from a constituent to Jack Brooks, June 26, 1964
Letter from a Pennsylvania state government staffer to Jack Brooks, October 17, 1975
Letter from a San Antonio city councilman to Jack Brooks, March 10, 1976
Letter from Bryce Harlow to Jack Brooks, August 31, 1973