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Love Derrick
John A. Lomax Jr.
Coahuila and Texas (Mexican state). Legislature.
Mexico (republic). Ejército. Comandante General de Zacatecas (Fernando Franco). Variant of S832.
Men at the race tracks
Lomax family at the American Folklife Festival
Coahuila and Texas (Mexican state). Congreso Constitucional. Laws (28 April 1834). See S718
Warehouse of the Huasteca Petroleum Company
Coahuila and Texas (Mexican State). Laws. (January 22, 1829)
Coahuila and Texas (Mexican state). Governor (José Maria de Letona).
Mexico (republic). Laws. (April 14, 1836). Variant of S876.
Mexico (republic). Laws. (April 14, 1836). Variant of S876.
Coahuila and Texas (Mexican State). Congreso Constituyente. Decree of Amnesty [23]. (27 May 1826). See Streeter 707 Note.
Panorama of construction and oil derricks in river basin