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Correspondence from Congressman Jack Brooks to Colonel W.J. Baird, April 12, 1967
Correspondence from Congressman Jack Brooks to R.W. Bemer, August 4, 1971
Correspondence from Congressman Jack Brooks to the Honorable A.S. Mike Monroney, March 25, 1966
Countercyclical section in public works bill, undated
Datamation Magazine article and corresponding letter, 1968
Datamation magazine article, February 1, 1969
Datamation Magazine article, July 22, 1968
Democratic Caucus Majority Leader Vote, December 6, 1976
Dissenting views Honorable Jack Brooks, undated
Document written by Congressman Jack Brooks entitled ¥Thinking Points on Oliver North,¥ October 28, 1987
Draft -- Additional Views of Congressman Jack Brooks, August 5, 1974
Draft article by Congressman Jack Brooks for Computer Journal, August 4, 1971
Draft article of impeachment, undated
Draft Articles of Impeachment, July 1974
Draft bill, undated
Draft - May 15, 1973, (To be used if President signs OMB bill into law)
Draft - May 15, 1973 (To be used if President vetoes OMB bill)
Draft of form letter announcing a short film titled "Space Show," created by Jack Brooks in cooperation with the U.S. Navy about the Mercury space project, [1959]
Draft of introductory remarks delivered by Jack Brooks for Dolph Briscoe at the Texas AFL-CIO COPE convention, March 3, 1972
Draft of Jack Brooks's speech to the American Institute of Architects and Engineers Council regarding the efforts to pass architect and engineer contract legislation, March 1, 1971