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Dot Knestaut, Kate Bateman, Grace Delamater, Myrtle Poole, Rebecca Buchanan, Marie Heppard: Manufacturing Department
Dot Moran
Douglas Corrigan
Dr. Carlton H. Schlesman Explaining a Process of Oil Refining
Dr. Prater and Dr. Wei Study Mathematical Model of Petroleum Molecule
DTE Oils; The Correct Fluid for the Heart of your Machine!
Edna Budnik
Emma Daly Timekeeping
Engine Tear-Down Shop
Engine Testing
Engine Testing
[Esso commercial reel]
Esso-Pan Am
Esso Uniforms
Esso Uniforms
Exxon Avitat
Facts about the Dornier Do-X
"Famous Firsts" made with Mobil
[Felbertauern Tunnel - Surveying for the Transalpine Pipeline]