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Gap, Wilsons Ranch, Big Bend, Texas
General Grierson Fancy Dress Ball
Group of men
[Group of men around a campfire at Old West reunion]
[Group of men standing in front of chuck wagon]
Headquarters of Robert E. Lee when satationed at Ft. Ringgold
Herd of angora goats near Marfa, Texas
[Horses and riders on trail near rock overhang]
Horses on the Brite Ranch
Hospital Ca
House in Glenn Springs
Illegal distillary near Groveton, Texas
[Illegal whiskey mash]
In the timber on Mt. Emory
Indian Lodge, Davis Mts. State Park, Tex.
Indian pictographs
Indio Ranger camp
International bridge, Presidio, Texas
J. Frank Norfleet (left)
J. M. Wilson