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Remarks of Congressman Jack Brooks, young lawyers association of Galveston county, Galveston, Texas, Thursday, January 17, 1980
Photograph of Jack Brooks, September 17, 1960
Letter from Jack Brooks to Senators and Congressmen who lost re-election, November 24, 1956
Introduction of Senator Ralph Yarborough by Congressman Jack Brooks, Yarborough appreciation dinner, July 23, 1964, Beaumont
Note form Jack Brooks, June 1976
Letter from Hubert Humphrey to Jack Brooks, November 25, 1968
The Houston Chronicle voters guide questionnaire - general election, 1972
Telegram from Robert F. Kennedy to Jack Brooks, March 16, 1968
Letter from Jack Brooks to Lloyd Bentsen, June 30, 1970
Letter from Joe Tonahill to Jack Brooks, October 16, 1963
Sarah McClendon's Washington Report, February 26, 1996
Letter from Jack Brooks to Chairman of the Democratic National Congressional Committee, July 3, 1962
Photograph of Jack Brooks, October 1974
Photograph of Jack Brooks, Michael Dukakis, and Lloyd Bentsen, June 13, 1988
Democratic Candidates' Campaign Conference Schedule, undated
Jack Brooks campaign sign, undated
Letter from Jack Brooks to Jefferson County political operative, July 26, 1962
Letter from a Beaumont lawyer to Jack Brooks, June 5, 1961.
Photograph of Jack Brooks, October 1994
Letter from Lyndon B. Johnson's executive secretary to Jack Brooks, February 12, 1960