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"Modular Exec" furniture window; Products-Wilson's Stationery
Newsstand, no. 3672; Newspapers
Northside Market
Northside Market After" [remodeling]"
Oaxaca market
Parker 51 pen window; Products-Wilson's Stationery
Pee Wee's Shoe Shop
Pile of Admiration Coffee, no. 2109; Products
Price Cleaners, no. 02976; Cleaners
[Product window display]; Stores-1937
"Pygmalion" Promo, no. 3413; Loew's Theater
Sears display, Gene Autry; Rodeo and livestock
Sears Roebuck Co., corner of Montrose & Allen Parkway, no. 1320; Stores-Sears Roebuck Co.
Sheaffer pen window, no. 17013; Products-Wilson's Stationery
Shop window
South American market, 1953
South American market, 1953
Soviet Union, 1985
Soviet Union: Leningrad: Customers line up for wine in Food Store Number One