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Draft of Jack Brooks's speech to the House of Representatives regarding the Vietnam Resolution, November 3, 1969
Draft of letter from Congressman Jack Brooks thanking constituents for Iran-Contra controversy support, August 3, 1987
Draft of letter sent from Congressman Jack Brooks to supporters, August 8, 1987
Draft of questions for Lt. Col. Oliver North written by Congressman Jack Brooks, July 13, 1987
Draft of questions for Mr. Abrams written by Congressman Jack Brooks, undated
Draft of speech for Buchanan to make at AU on Jan 29, 1973, December 18, 1972
Draft of statement, [1973]
Draft of statement by Congressman Jack Brooks regarding the end of Congressional Iran-Contra hearings, August 11, 1987
Draft of wire from Jack Brooks to local newspapers in his former district, June 1, 1965
Draft opening statement of Jack Brooks, Impeachment Hearing, July 24, 1974
Draft questions for Gerald Ford confirmation, undated
Draft, remarks of Congressman Jack Brooks on the Ford confirmation, undated
Draft remarks of Congressman Jack Brooks, undated
Draft Remarks: The Nixon Pardon, September 11, 1974
Draft statement, August 1, 1973
Draft statement, [August 1973]
Draft statement, [August 1973]
Draft-Statement of Congressman Jack Brooks, August 13, 1971
Draft statement of Jack Brooks before the Democratic Caucus regarding recommendations of the Task Force on accounts, undated [1976]
Draft summary of Iran-Contra situation, October 8, 1987