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Clipping from the Dallas Morning News: "UT Selects Counsel In Dormitory Suit"
Clipping from unknown source: "3 Dormitories Integrated at UT"
Clipping from unknown source: "Off-Campus Houses Move To Integrate"
Clipping from unknown source: "One Negro Unit Votes to Affiliate"
Clipping from unknown source: "Regents Order Complete UT Desegregation: Dorms, Personnel at All University Units Included"
Clipping from unknown source: "Suit To Integrate UofT Dormitories To Be Filed"
Clipping: Little Campus hutments about to be demolished
Clipping: "Negroes at U.T. Plan Suit Against Housing Policy"
Clipping of John A. Lomax to appear in "Houston  Hootenanny"
Clipping of Mance Lipscomb, advertising his concert in the Texas Union  Auditorium
Clipping on the fire at the Little Campus dormitory
Clipping regarding the change of the Texan from weekly to daily
Clipping regarding the merging of The Ranger and The Calendar to create The Texan
Clipping: "Two Milestones in the Texan's History"
Clippings: "Frank Dobie Fired from Texas U. Faculty", "Dobie Status Left to Painter"
Clippings from local unnamed magazine regarding Lt. Col. Oliver North's trail, undated
Clippings from the Houston Post, the San Antonio Express, and the Corpus Christi Caller
"Communist Party Backing Rainey Jester Declares"
"Connally Praises Martin"
"Connally Thought of Assassination at Sound of Shot"