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J. R. Hunnicutt ?, Captain Gray, and unidentified oil man
[J. R. Hunnicutt ? (left) and Mr. Trimble]
[James Buchanan Gillett, Captain in Texas Rangers]
Jesse James, Frank James, and their mother
Jim and Cole Younger
[Joe Brooks, et al, Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas]
Joy ride on Tex-Mex. border, speed limit 2 miles per hour.
Kit Carson III
Largest illegal still ever captured in Texas
Largest illegal still ever captured in Texas
Liquor bottles
Looking down Terlingua creek to mouth of Grande Canyon on the Rio Grande.
Looking down the Rio Grande from Fort Ringgold
Looking up the Rio Grande from Ft. Ringgold. Saddlery Shop in the Foreground.
Lower Boat Spring near Mt. Emory
M. Chapa and J. Buenrostro
Marfa, Texas
Mariscal Mine ?
[Men standing next to saddle and other artifacts of the Old West]
Mexican freight cart, Texas-Mexican border