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Letter from John Joseph Linn
A List of Titles Made Under the Special Contract with the State of Coahuila and Texas by Stephen F. Austin 1828 to Settle 300 Families within the Ten Border Leagues on the Gulf of Mexico
Lorenzo de Zavala to his son
Lorenzo de Zavala to Manuel de Mier y Terán
Manifest of Slaves
Manifiesto que de sus operaciones en la campaña de Tejas y en su cautiverio dirige a sus concuidadanos
Map of Texas
Map of Texas by Stephen F. Austin
Map of Texas With Parts of the Adjoining States
A map of the country between the Brassos and La Baca Rivers
Martin Van Buren to Joel Poinsett
Mary Austin Holley Diary
Mary Maverick Diary
Mary Rabb diary
Matty meeting the Texas Question
Meeting in Washington
Meeting minutes, February 13, 1897
Meeting minutes, February 13, 1897
Memorandum of a Conference between Texas, France, and Great Britain
Memorial from Ayuntamiento of Brazoria to the Mexican Government for release of Stephen F. Austin