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[Electrolux refrigerators]; Products
[Electrolux refrigerators]; Products
Eugene Werlin artist drawing, no. 23357-3; Stores-Weingarten's
Everitt Buelow and First Baptist Church, no. 7995-w1; Stores
Executives, shop, and portraits, no. 1146; Stores-Star Engraving
Expert Cleaners, Mitchell
[Exterior], no. 13502; Stores-Weingarten's
Exterior of Mading's Drugs, no. 337; Pharmacy
[Exterior]; Stores-Foley's
Flower shop, no. 7420; Interstate Theater
[Foley's building], no. 25048, F-46; Stores-Foley's
Foley's building, no. 6188; Stores-Foley's
[Foley's construction], no. 8724; Stores-Foley's
[Foley's construction], no. 8821; Stores-Foley's
Foley's display, no. 16574; Stores-Foley's
[Foley's exterior], no. 10423-2; Stores-Foley's
[Foley's exterior], no. 1409; Stores-Foley's
[Foley's exterior], no. 2767; Stores-Foley's
[Foley's interior], no. 1409; Stores-Foley's
Foley's new store, no. 1168; Stores-Foley's