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Afghan Wigs / Janis Eighteen / Pocket Fishermen
Agony Column / Near Dark / Rockbusters
Al Kooper
Al Stewart
Alabama Theater; 1998 calendar cover negatives [June]
Alabama Theater opening night, no. 3966-1; 1994 calendar cover negatives [November]
Alan and Bess Lomax
Alan Lomax
Alan Lomax on a tricycle
Alan Lomax rowing a boat
Alex Chilton
Alex Chilton
Alex Chilton with Chris Stamey
Alex Cox, Walker
Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock, Anne Baxter, Dick Gottlieb at TV station, for Interstate Theaters, no. 19744; Celebrities
Alice Cooper
The Allman Brothers Band and Cowboy
The Allman Brothers Band and Cowboy
Aluminum drive, no. 5306; Metro Theater