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Oil well Fire
Two unidentified men in the southern U.S. in the late 1930s to early 1940s
An Act, Locating temporarily the Seat of Government.
Mexico (republic). Laws. (February 11, 1836).
Studio portrait of John A. Lomax as a young man
Margaret Marable Lomax on her wedding day
Mexico (republic). Laws. (February 10, 1840). Variant of S957. See also S957.1.
Mexico (republic). Laws. (October 14, 1842). Variant of S982.
Boss Tong and native laborers preparing to build a rig at La Pitahaya
[Oil Derricks]
Gincy’s letter, page 2
The War in the Southwest illustration
[Oil Derrick and tanks]
Coahuila and Texas (Mexican state). Congreso Constitucional. Laws (2 May 1834).
Alcance al Núm. 129 de la Opinion
Coahuila and Texas (Mexican state) Congreso. Diputación Permanente.  See S810 Note and S796 Note.
Mexico (republic). Laws. (January 13, 1836). Variant of S872.
El General en Gefe de la Cuarta División del Ejército y Comandante General de los Departamentos de Coahuila, Nuevo León y Tamaulipas, á los habitantes de su demarcación.
Coahuila and Texas (Mexican state). Laws. (February 4, 1829)
Alan Lomax