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Knowles(?) Number 1 - Desdemona
Tex-Penn Number 1 Knowles
Bess Baumann Brown Lomax
Bridge building near Cerro Azul in the Tampico Field
John A. Lomax featured in a pioneer mural for the Lubbock telephone directory cover
San Angelo Cowboys
John A. Lomax as a boy
John A. Lomax Jr.
John A. Lomax with Ruby Terrill
View of Petersburg, Virginia
Gincy’s letter, page 1
John A. Lomax Sr.
Alan Lomax on a tricycle
John Lomax Jr. and Mance Lipscomb
University of Texas Press Club circa 1911-12
Love Derrick
John A. Lomax Sr.
John A. Lomax Texas State Historical Marker
Duke Number 1 - Desdemona Discovery Well
Tex Ritter