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Lomax family at the American Folklife Festival
Lomax family at the John A. Lomax Sr. portrait presentation
Lomax family at the Texas State Historical Marker
Lomax family brothers
Lomax family men with dogs
Lomax family photo
Lomax, John Avery, family papers
Longley, William Preston, papers
Map of Western Virginia issued by Chemical Petroleum Company of New York [showing oil deposits and wells]
Margaret Marable Lomax on her wedding day
Men at the race tracks
Oil finding device
Oil tank cars on the loading docks at Tampico, Mex.
Portrait of Bess Baumann Brown Lomax
Pulling machine, [Minnesota Oil and Refining Company site]
Reaugh, Frank, papers
Ruby Terrill
Ruby Terrill Lomax
San Angelo Cowboys
Scenes on the Rio Grande