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"Spear finds liberal label embarrassing"
"Spears Beaten Badly in Only State Runoff"
Special Proscuter Ken Starr [at House Judiciary Impeach
Speech about Lyndon B. Johnson, January 14, 1969
Speech at Lamar University
Speech by Jack Brooks at the Brooks Chair Symposium, Lamar University, Friday, March 15, 2002
Speech by Jack Brooks to the Texas Judiciary, October 2, 1964
Speech delivered at a labor meeting, October 1980
Speech for the Idaho Chapter of the ACLU
Speech given by Congressman Jack Brooks, March 1, 1971
Speech release from Waco
Speech roasting Jack Brooks, speaker unknown, undated [June 9, 1989]
Spirit of Place Conference: Texas Style Panel
Spiro Agnew
Spiro Agnew
"Spy Group Pinched Pennies To Get Probe Work Started"
St Luke
STAFF: A Congressional Staff Journal as a Process for Communication, Issue 5, [1976]
Staff correspondence, October 8, 1953
Staff memo for Jack Brooks, November 12, 1969