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Time interview transcript with Jack Brooks about the Department of Justice and the INSLAW investigation
Timeline of Betty Wright's involvement with George Mallick and Mallightco Inc., [1989]
Transcribed letter from Peter Rodino to President Nixon, dated February 26, 1974
Two concepts of impeachable offenses regarding the attempted impeachment of Justice Douglas, November 26, 1973
Typed note, August 5, 1974
Typed notes concerning the political messaging of the impeachment investigation, January 7, 1974
Typed notes listing potentially impeachable offenses, undated
Typed notes outlining questions and details in draft articles of impeachment written by Jack Brooks, undated
Unamimous Consent Request draft, undated
[Undated and untitled document] Factual Justifications
UPI wire statement regarding the Judiciary Committee approving legislation to limit the amount of money spent on private presidential homes, November 29, 1974
Various arguments in defense of Jim Wright and Betty Wright, [1989]
Various reportings of federal expenditures at San Clemente and Key Biscayne, undated
White House use of the IRS for illegal political purposes, undated
Witness list, Government Activities Subcommittee hearing on expenditure of federal funds in support of Presidential properties, October 10-11-12, 1973
Work of the Impeachment Inquiry Staff as of March 1, 1974, report to Committee of the Judiciary, House of Representatives