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Young man in a helicopter
Young man in cockpit
Young man inside a helicopter
Young man inside a helicopter
Young man on street corner, Rockdale, August 1951
Young men and women with car
[Young pelicans]
Young people with musical instruments
Young, Phyllis, papers
"Young Radicals" ad
"Young Radicals" letter to editor
"Young Radicals" letters to editor
"Young Radicals: Major’s daughter fights the draft"
"Young Radicals: Mrs. Finch Hits ’the Landlords’"
"Young Radicals: Quiet Air Belies Olson’s Fervor"
Young Rascals: Interview; Young Rascals: Interview
Young Republican Club
Young Republicans booth
Young Socialist Alliance, Complainant vs. University of Texas at Austin, Respondent
[Young woman in oil field]