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James W. and Emily Moore, aunt and uncle of R. L. Moore
James W. McClendon Interview, Part 1 of 4
James W. Moore, paternal uncle of R.L. Moore
James W. Moore [uncle of R. L. Moore] on a park bench
Jean Botts
John Slye
Kaight ?
Left: Robert Swain; Facing from back to front: Walter Coleman and Frances Young; Back to camera: Gail Young
Left to right: Charles V. Rey, Eileen Key, Fritz Key, Margaret Key Moore, Robert Lee Moore
Left to right: Chester Klipple, Renke G. Lubben, Walter N. Barnes, Charles W. Vickery
Left to right: Dorroh, Roberts, R. L. Moore, Rutt, Vickery; Beside Old Main Building on the University of Texas at Austin campus
Left to right: Robert Sorgenfrey, Robert Swain, Bernandine Sorgenfrey, Mary Ruth Coleman, Walter Coleman Harlan Cross Miller
Left to right: Robert Swain, Gail Young, Frances Young, Walter Coleman
Left to right: Walter N. Barnes, Edmund Chester Klipple, R. G. Lubben
Leon Benson
Library, looking towards bedroom door
Library, Victrola with silver prepared for moving (later returned to dining room).
Living room, front door on left
Living room, looking towards hallway, radio on right.
Longhorn band with Vincent R. Dinino directing. (1)