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Mexican freight cart, Texas-Mexican Border
Mexican refugees
Mexican refugees at home in a jacal on the Texas-Mexican border
[Mock card game]
Moon shine still after raid
Morning scene on the Rio Grande
Musque Canyon
Myra Belle Starr
["N----- Photos, Sherman Mob"]
Natural Bridge in the Davis Mountains, Texas
One night's catch from the Rio Grande.
P. F. Dyches and S. Clay ? Blackwell
Pack Train No. 13, U.S. Army, Laredo, Tex. En route to Ft. Sam Houston
Pack train No. 8 approaching Ft. Ringgold, Tex.
[Participants in Old West Reunion]
Pelotes Apache Ranch
Presidio Ojinaga Bridge
Presidio - Ojinaga Bridge
Ranger [John L. ?] Sullivan
Rimrock and Slide, Brite Ranch