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"Rep. Wright Wants LBJ's Senate Seat"
"Reprieve and warning for college sports in Texas"
"Rites for de Menil, noted art patron, scheduled Tuesday"
"Royce West has learned to play the game"
"She Whups Him"
"Spears Beaten Badly in Only State Runoff"
"Spy Group Pinched Pennies To Get Probe Work Started"
"Suggests Negro University Bossed by Rainey and Dobie"
"Supreme Court puts Bush on verge of presidency"
"Teachers' Pay Ruling Surprises"
"Texans Elect Yarborough"
"Texas Gubernatorial Race Goes Into Final Week; As Name Calling Contest It's a Riotous Success"
Texas Inauguration 1957
The Texas State Historical Association, Membership News Release, June 30, 1986
"Text of President Johnson's Sunday Night Address to the Nation"
"Text of Rayburn Talk"
"The K.I.S.S. Philosophy"
"The race is on...Yarborough says..."
"Typical Texan's Talk: 'Wildcats and Cinches'"
University of Texas news release about appointment of Mark Yudof as Dean of law school