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The Land Where the Blues Began
The War in the Southwest illustration
Gincy’s letter, page 2
Duke Number 1 - After Fire
Alan and Bess Lomax
Russell Well Number 1 - Going Over the Top
First vessel loaded with export oil at Port Arthur docks
John A. Lomax Jr.
John A. Lomax Sr.
Duke Number 1
Republic Production Company
John A. Lomax Sr.
[Stock certificate for 1,200 five dollar shares in the Bennyhoof Petroleum Company, Benj. L. (Eshleman?)]
[Letter urging investment in the Chemical Petroleum Company, New York]
John A. Lomax Sr. and Alan Lomax
Knowles Number 1
Pulling machine, [Minnesota Oil and Refining Company site]
John A. Lomax Sr.
Panorama of construction and oil derricks in river basin
Russell and Ballard Number 3 - Desdemona on Leon River