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"From Waco to Sweden, Olson gets past the logjam"
"Fulbright Asserts That Senate is 'Subservient' to the Israelis"
"George Meany Upholds U.S. Role in Vietnam"
"Governor Announces Regent Appointments"
"Governor appoints new member to UT Board of Regents"
Gramophone Tunes Yield to New Zale Drawing Cards
"'Gravely Concerned' Judge Keeps Brilab Charges Alive"
"Grover Sellers announces Candidacy for Governor"
Guide to Student Services – Supplement to the Daily Texan, Fall 1975
"His Job: Tame the Brazos"
"House Speaker Turman to Run for Lieutenant Governor"
"Hutchison Wins"
"Insurance firm agrees to buyout"
"JFK reference stirs attack from Bentsen"
"Jim Wright and Vernon S&L's High-Flying Honcho Don R. Dixon; A Tale of Two Texans"
"John Lee Smith Runs for Governor"
"Johnson Avoids Politics in Texas"
"Keeping Up with Mario Ramirez"
"Kennedy vs. Nixon Fight Furiously to Bitter End"
Kruger Funeral Services Are Scheduled on Sunday