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Resolution stating support for Mexican government by the District of Mina
Resolutions of Loyalty
Sam Houston's inaugural address
Signature page of the Secret Treaty of Velasco
Soberano Congreso General de la Federacion Mexica [Memorial to the Congress of the United Mexican States]
Sobre el Establecimiento colonial. . .
Spire Hagerty's Description of Stolen Slaves
Suggestions on News Releases Relating to Testing for Selective Admissions
Summarized list of ¥Iran-Contra Hearing Results from Phase I,¥ undated
Telephone message note on WGMS interview, July 23, 1987
Terms of Settlement
To the People of Pecan Point, Nacogdoches
Translation of the laws, orders, and contracts on colonization from January 21, 1821, up to this time
Ytinerario de las jornadas que ha hecho el espresado cuerpo desde la cuidad de San Luís Potosí el día 17 de Nobiembre de 1835