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[Proclamation, with heading:] D. Joaquín de Arredondo
San Luis Potosí (Mexican state). Governor (Juan José Domínguez). (Mentioned in S884 Note)
Tamaulipas (Mexican state). Declaration. (December 27, 1845). See S1008.
Tamaulipas (Mexican state). Laws (October 28, 1830)
Tehuantepec. Comandante del Batallón (Domingo Rodmires). See S843, S844, S845.
[untitled] Coahuila and Texas (Mexican state). Gobernador (August 30, 1834-March 12, 1835), (Juan José Elguezábal)
[untitled] Coahuila and Texas (Mexican State). Laws. (January 13, 1834)