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[?] Hoehmce, [?] Smiznov, [?] Lavzov
[?] Huang
1968 Assay Commission
1968 Assay Commission
[1968 Assay Commisson: Left side: Louis C. Goad, Miss Eva Adams, [?], Marion Yeoman, Don Brown, [?], Virginia Culver, [?], [?], Grace Downing, [?], Clare Lieberman, [?], Sidney W. Smith, [?], P. J. Maguire, Right side, front to back: M. B. Wallenstein, R.
2 unidentified men at chalkboard
42nd Summer Meeting of the the Mathematical Organizations of America
904 W. 23rd St.
A. H. Stone
A. M. Mood
A. Sharma Tim Goodman, S.L. Lee
Abraham Adrian Albert, daughter
Aerial photograph
Aerial photograph
Aerial photograph of freeway interchange
Alexander Ostrowski
Alfred Schild
Alice Beckenbach Interview, Part 1 of 2
Alice L. S. Baker (87), 'Thought you might like to see what the 'old lady' looked like
American Women in Mathematics, Emmy Noether Symposium