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Integration, Mississippi, Medgar Evers funeral, widow, Jackson, LIFE #67988, roll C-5 (19.2); Integration, Mississippi, circa 1963-1965
Greenwood, Mississippi, anti-integration
Mrs. L. L. Haynes Interdenominational Minister's Wives Christmas dinner, Bethlehem Center
White House Christmas photo with the Clintons
Baby girl portrait
Sam Rayburn funeral
Crystal Health
Rodeo ["Riding High"]
Soldier with machine gun
Randle Howard's laundromat, kids
Meeting in Montgomery (2.15), 1958; Montgomery, Alabama, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and James Meredith graduation, circa 1958-1963
Stegman Building
Fort Brown, Artillery maneuvers, pack mules
Shel Hershorn
Shipping casket containing Corporal McBee, Third U.S. Cavalry, killed in train wreck, October 18, 1915
Fort Brown, soldiers in pool
Maneuvers, soldiers in trenches
Allen Castilla children
Mexican cemetery