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Underwater portfolio
Integration, Mississippi, Medgar Evers funeral, widow, Jackson, LIFE #67988, roll C-5 (19.2); Integration, Mississippi, circa 1963-1965
Mading's Drugs Soda Fountain, no. 2281
MLK funeral, Martin Luther King assignment
Portraits, Martin Luther King assignment
Diver with camera
Nixon inauguration
Muhammad Ali
Greenwood, Mississippi, anti-integration
Underwater portfolio
Mrs. L. L. Haynes Interdenominational Minister's Wives Christmas dinner, Bethlehem Center
FLARE project
Group on Stage, non. 734
Roger and Me" [GL 067658]"
White House Christmas photo with the Clintons
Baby girl portrait
Sam Rayburn funeral
Aerials of park; Parks
Golda Meir
Crystal Health