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1979 questionnaire survey by the House television broadcasting system for the Committee on House Administration, U.S. House of Representatives
ADP Hearings photo of Jack Brooks, Dante Fascell, Edmund Buckley, Edward Gurney, March 31, 1965
The American Institute of Architects Government Affairs Review, April 1, 1970
Announcement from Chairman Lee Hamilton on Select Committee press liaison, February 17, 1987
Armed Forces Comptroller, Article by Congressman Jack Brooks, April 1, 1966
Article clipping from the Beaumont Enterprise sent from Congressman Charles B. Rangel, entitled ¥Report needs bipartisanship,¥ July 30, 1987
Article entitled ¥The United States and Israel¥ by Douglas MacArthur II, March 16, 1987
Background Information: White House Staff and President Nixon's Campaign Organizations, May 9, 1974
Bulleted list entitled ¥Iran / Contra Investigation -- Potential Areas of Inquiry,¥ undated
Card from constituent Guepert to Congressman Jack Brooks, July 19, 1987
Cartoon ¥Bloom County¥ from Washington Post alluding to Lt. Col. Oliver North's role trial over the Iran-Contra scandal, August 10, 1987
Cartoon ¥Bloom County¥ from Washington Post alluding to the peoples' perspectives on Lt. Col. Oliver North, August 8, 1987
Clipping from the Beaumont Enterprise entitled ¥Brooks was too kind,¥ August 14, 1987
Clipping from the Beaumont Enterprise entitled ¥Serious chinks finally show in Reagan's armor,¥ December 21, 1986
Clipping from the Beaumont Enterprise regarding Iran-Contra scandal, July 27, 1987
Clippings from local unnamed magazine regarding Lt. Col. Oliver North's trail, undated
Closing Statement by Congressman Jack Brooks, July 20, 1967
Computer World Newsweekly photograph of Jack Brooks taken by Alan Taylor, January 31, 1968
Congressional correspondence, June 21, 1972
Congressional Press Release, April 23, 1969