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Additional Views of Congressman Jack Brooks, undated
An address on: ports and commerce, delivered by: the Honorable Jack Brooks, United States Congressman, from the 9th Congressional District of Texas, Port of the Sabine Propeller Club, 12:00 Noon, September 24, 1970, Royal Coach Inn, Beaumont, Texas
Amendment to H.R. 6219, undated
Annotated draft of press release, September 23, 1964
Annotated speech draft regarding supersonic transport investment, undated
Annotated speech excerpts, July 24, 1974-July 30, 1974
Annotated statement, 1965
Annotated statement regarding Richard Nixon's noncompliance with subpeonas requesting White House tapes, undated
Appointment book page, January 1, 1953
Appointment book page, January 2, 1953
Appointment book page, January 3, 1953
Appointment calendar, November 1963
Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing, June 27, 1973
Article by Congressman Jack Brooks, March 16, 1966
Award Acceptance Speech by Congressman Jack Brooks, undated
Biographical Sketch of Congressman Jack Brooks, Second District of Texas, undated
Blanket Letter from Congressman Jack Brooks to architect and engineering representatives, February 12, 1973
Brooks' architect and engineer bill gains House committee approval, June 14, 1972
Brooks architect/engineer selection bill approved by Congress, news release, October 14, 1972
Brooks bill extends historical document preservation program, June 29, 1972