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"A Long Shadow: Remembering the Life and Work of Cliff Olofson"
"Alienated Students: A New Breed of Angry Young Man" article
"Alienated Students: Maria Has ’No Place to Run’" article
"Alienated Students: Model Student Until Haircut Issue Grew" article
"Brother Roloff Is Not Kosher"
Draft copy of article on John Connally
"He Did Good"
Letter from Molly Ivins to Bernard Rapoport
Letter from Molly Ivins to the editor of the Nation
"Roloff Agonistes"
"The Young Conservatives", pt 1
"The Young Conservatives", pt 2
"The Young Conservatives", pt 3
"The Young Conservatives", pt 4
"What Did B. Rapoport Want?"
"Young Radicals: Major’s daughter fights the draft"
"Young Radicals: Mrs. Finch Hits ’the Landlords’"
"Young Radicals: Quiet Air Belies Olson’s Fervor"