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"3,150 sign anti-Moffett building petition", "Berdahl backs building name"
"A Paper Read at the Request Of the Student Committee for Academic Freedom"
Academic Freedom News –  Student Committee for Academic Freedom
Ad Hoc Committee Against the Regents' Rule
Ad Hoc Committee Summary Statement from Hearing
"An Open Letter to the University Community" by UT President Robert M. Berdahl
Anonymous letter commenting on attached Houston Post article on Jeff Jones, UT student body president
Application for Public Assembly or Demonstration to the UT Austin Student Activities Office – Includes sketch of map of planned rally/march
Article: "Change UT name game"
Article from the Austin American-Statesman: "Mixed signals, unintended lessons at UT"
Article from The Spark: "Student Occupation Of UT President's Office – The Inside Story"
Attached news clipping from the Dallas Morning News: "University Says No To SDS"
Austin American-Statesman article – "Student pulls gun outside UT office"
Austin American-Statesman article: "The UT Tower sniper: 99 Minutes 30  Years Later"
"Boycott Leaflet" put out by Students for a Democratic Society
Clipping from the Daily Texan: "Frank Salzhandler Beached"
Clipping from the Daily Texan: "National Convention Activity Topic of Local SDS Meet"
Clipping from the Daily Texan regarding Dr. Hackerman's decision re: SDS national meeting
Clipping from the Daily Texan: "Swimmer Barred Over Hair Issue"
Clipping from the Daily Texan: "Swimmer Blocked in Appeal"