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Administrative Confidential Message regarding attached report, undated
Affirmative Action Statement; Equal Employment Policy; Complete Integration of the University
Article from unknown source: "Integration Subject of Panel Discussion"
Attached small yellow note: "Mr. Heath has said 'Hold This' – No need for a quick answer", undated
Austin American-Statesman: "Dean Says Housing No Issue"
Austin American-Statesman: "First Integration Steps Ordered by UT Regents: New Procedure To Begin in ‘56"
Austin American-Statesman: "Plans for Integration Of Schools Speeded:  Officials Set Talks This Week"
Booker T. Bonner Demonstration at Governor’s Mansion
CC of letter to Messrs. Jaworski, Clark, Denius from Mr. Heath
CC of memo to Regents from Mr. Heath
Clipping from San Antonio Express: "UT Regents Drop Last Negro Barrier"
Clipping from The Daily Texan: "Regents, As Policy-makers, Go The ‘Gradually Integrated Route’"
Clipping from unknown source: "3 Dormitories Integrated at UT"
Clipping from unknown source: "Off-Campus Houses Move To Integrate"
Clipping from unknown source: "One Negro Unit Votes to Affiliate"
Clipping from unknown source: "Regents Order Complete UT Desegregation: Dorms, Personnel at All University Units Included"
Clipping: "Negroes at U.T. Plan Suit Against Housing Policy"
Clippings from the Houston Post, the San Antonio Express, and the Corpus Christi Caller
Committee on Minority Groups letter
Committee on Minority Groups letter and interim report