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Additional Federal Costs Associated with the Operation of President Nixon's Properties at Key Biscayne and San Clemente, undated
Additional Views of Congressman Jack Brooks, undated
Additional Views of Hon. John N. Erlenborn and Hon. John W. Wydler, undated
Address by Joseph A. Califano, Jr. before the Harvard Law School Association of the District of Columbia at the Washington Hotel, January 17, 1974
Angled photograph of the front of the courtroom during the Iran-Contra trials, 1987
Annotated draft of press release, September 23, 1964
Annotated speech excerpts, July 24, 1974-July 30, 1974
Annotated statement regarding Richard Nixon's noncompliance with subpeonas requesting White House tapes, undated
Announcement from Chairman Lee Hamilton on Select Committee press liaison, February 17, 1987
Answers to charges concerning the President's personal finances, December 8, 1973
Answers to possible arguments posed by minority against emoluments charge, undated
The appearance of guilt, Washington Post, Monday, April 22, 1974
Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing, June 27, 1973
Approval of scheme authorizing commitment of unconstitutional and illegal acts
Architectural plans and itemized summary of costs for the construction of a redwood fence on Richard Nixon's San Clemente property, June 1969
Article clipping from the Beaumont Enterprise sent from Congressman Charles B. Rangel, entitled ¥Report needs bipartisanship,¥ July 30, 1987
Article entitled ¥The United States and Israel¥ by Douglas MacArthur II, March 16, 1987
Article II, Draft, July 27, 1974
Article II, pending, Draft 3, Doar, date unclear
Background Information: White House Staff and President Nixon's Campaign Organizations, May 9, 1974