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Handwritten notes from Judiciary Committee meeting, April 25, 1974
News release, May 22, 1974
Letter from Jack Brooks to Elmer B. Staats, November 16, 1967
Impeachment of Andrew Johnson, undated
Letter from Peter Rodino to Richard Nixon, May 1, 1974
Judiciary Committee directory with handwritten annotations, September 22, 1964
Nixon's Intention to Donate San Clemente to United States, undated
Letter from a constituent to Jack Brooks, July 10, 1987
Handwritten notes by Jack Brooks regarding possible articles of impeachment against President Nixon, undated [1974]
Letter from James D. St. Clair to Peter Rodino, June 10, 1974
Statement regarding President Nixon's noncompliance with the subpeona, undated
Radio commentary draft, August 11, 1987
Remarks on President Nixon's resignation, August 6, 1974
UPI wire statement regarding the Judiciary Committee approving legislation to limit the amount of money spent on private presidential homes, November 29, 1974
James Madison quote on impeachment, Judiciary Committee print, October 1973
Statement by the President, December 8, 1973
Handwritten notes, June 25, 1974
Remarks honoring Peter Rodino, March 11, 1980
Memorandum from Peter Rodino to members of the Judiciary Committee, November 1, 1973
Closing statement of Congressman Jack Brooks ending hearings on increased efficiency and effectiveness in the management and use of data processing techniques, July 20, 1967