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An Act, Public Law 92-582, October 27, 1972
ADP Equipment, Hearings, Government Ops, 89th Congress, Ist Session on 4845, March 3, 1965
ADP Hearings photo of Jack Brooks, Dante Fascell, Edmund Buckley, Edward Gurney, March 31, 1965
AIA-CEC Public Affairs Conference Program, March 3, 1971
Amendment to H.R. 6219, undated
Amendment to H.R. 638, [May 1978]
The American Institute of Architects Government Affairs Review, April 1, 1970
American Institute of Architects Newsletter, March 24, 1972
Annotated statement, 1965
Announcement for television release, March 30, 1965
Architectural News Magazine article, March 1, 1972
Armed Forces Comptroller, Article by Congressman Jack Brooks, April 1, 1966
Article by Congressman Jack Brooks, March 16, 1966
Article in Professional Engineer Magazine, January 1, 1973
Article, undated
Articles in Addition to, and Amendment of, the Constitution of the United States of America, Proposed by Congress, and Ratified by the Legislatures of the Several States Pursuant to the Fifth Article of the Constitution
Award Acceptance Speech by Congressman Jack Brooks, undated
Bill H. R. 16443 with a report by Jack Brooks and a newspaper article from The Daily Sun
Bill H.R. 16443, March 12, 1970
Bill H.R. 404, January 3, 1969