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Amendment to H.R. 6219, undated
Amendment to H.R. 638, [May 1978]
Annotated statement, 1965
Articles in Addition to, and Amendment of, the Constitution of the United States of America, Proposed by Congress, and Ratified by the Legislatures of the Several States Pursuant to the Fifth Article of the Constitution
A bill to amend the Act of March 2, 1945, Public Law 14, 79th Congress, 1st Session, undated
Breakdown of votes in Senate for the override of President Nixon's veto of the OMB bill, [May 1973]
Breakdown of voting on Brooks motion to strike Title II from the Public Works Conference report, January 29, 1976
Brooks' architect and engineer bill gains House committee approval, June 14, 1972
Brooks architect/engineer selection bill approved by Congress, news release, October 14, 1972
Brooks bill extends historical document preservation program, June 29, 1972
Brooks bill would reauthorize Independent Counsel statute, February 4, 1993
Brooks introduces legislation to improve federal policymaking regarding computers, February 17, 1972
Brooks introduces President's Immigration Initiative to speed up deportation proceedings, August 3, 1993
Brooks proposes Department of Health, March 29, 1972
Brooks unit probes distribution of federal surplus property, February 9, 1972
Brooks Votes For Rights Bill
Comments made by Jack Brooks about gun control during interview with Jack Williams, March 12, 1975
Committee print, "Federal Firearms Act of 1975," undated
Computers in Congress, Honeywell Computer Journal, February 1, 1973
Congressional Record, House, June 14, 1984