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Article: "Daily Texan Tops the Nation In News Writing"
Article: "Lawmakers Hop on UT Newspaper"
Article: "Texan Wins Pacemaker For Sixth Year"
Articles reprinted from fall semester 1991 issues of On Campus newspaper
Available University Fund enhances UT Austin
Budget decisions allow staff hiring to resume
Clipping announcing the merger of the Longhorn Magazine and the Texas Ranger from the Alcalde
Clipping from the Alcalde: "Praise for Daily Texan"
Clipping from the Alcalde: "The New Daily Texan"
Clipping from the Daily Texan: "Committee Ousts Ranger for Duration"
Clipping regarding the change of the Texan from weekly to daily
Clipping regarding the merging of The Ranger and The Calendar to create The Texan
Clipping: "Two Milestones in the Texan's History"
Cover of the Longhorn With Which is Combined the Texas Ranger
Cover of The Texas Ranger
Cover of The University of Texas Engineer
Cunningham: 1991-92 budget protects University's 'fundamental academic mission'
Cunningham describes steps taken to improve quality of University's undergraduate program
Cunningham refutes myths about higher education
Dad's Digest, published by the University of Texas Dad's Association