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Alumni Newsletter of the Texas Union, Spring 1988
Article: "Gregory Releases Plans For Student Union Project" with pictures
Brief Report on the Nature and Functions of the University of Texas Sports Association
Brochure: Gregory Gymnasium – Continuing The Tradition
Brochure: Round-Up Revue at Gregory Gym
Brochure: Round-Up Revue at Gregory Gym
Brochure: the Texas Union, the center for campus activity
Building for better citizenship at Texas – Printed material
Campus Master Plan Recommendations and Report
Clipping from the Daily Texan: "Frat Leaders Seek To End Hazing As Victory Measure"
Clothing patch for the Triggerettes, women¹s rifle club, undated
Cover of program for The University of Texas Sports Association and Women's Intramural Schedule
Daily Texan article: "Mall Requests OK'd by CSO"
Daily Texan article: "SDS Kicks Off ‘The Ten Days’ – Giant Monopoly Game Draws Many Players"
Daily Texan article: "SDS to Appeal Protest Decision"
Daily Texan article: "’Ten Days’ Project Aims Against Imperialism, Racism"
Directory of Goods and Services Available Through University of Texas Students
"Firing line" regarding the first 40 Acres Fest
Flier announcing the newly formed Student Media Agency
Flier for Forty Acres Fest, April 9, 1994