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"$500,000 Sneeze? Not Faulk"
"18 new subpoenas focus on White House, Hubbell link"
"3,150 sign anti-Moffett building petition", "Berdahl backs building name"
The American Institute of Architects Government Affairs Review, April 1, 1970
The American-Statesman article: "University's Stature Rests Largely in Hands of Faculty"
Armed Forces Comptroller, Article by Congressman Jack Brooks, April 1, 1966
Article about Former Japanese Ambassador Kichisburo Nomura
Article and photo of J. Frank Dobie: "The Case of Professor Pancho"
Article by Congressman Jack Brooks, March 16, 1966
Article: "Change UT name game"
Article: "Daily Texan Tops the Nation In News Writing"
Article entitled ¥The United States and Israel¥ by Douglas MacArthur II, March 16, 1987
Article: Focal orange chosen as official UT color
Article from a newspaper in Lima, Peru featuring the UT Longhorn Band
Article from the Alcalde: The Biggest BOOM!!
Article from the Austin American-Statesman: "Mixed signals, unintended lessons at UT"
Article from the Houston Chronicle re: Radio House
Article from The Spark: "Student Occupation Of UT President's Office – The Inside Story"
Article from the Survey Graphic Newspaper