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Andrew Jackson to Anthony Butler
Attached small yellow note: "Mr. Heath has said 'Hold This' – No need for a quick answer", undated
Authorization letter from President James K. Polk
B. R. Edwards to Capt. Ayleth C. Buckner
B. R. Edwards to Col. James Rofs
Bond of Emancipation for Ann Maria
Bound petition, Rebecca Couch
B.W. Edwards to Jesse Thompson
Copy of telegram from Clarence A. Laws, Regional Secretary, NAACP, to Dr. John J. McKetta, Dean of Engineering at UT
Correspondence and Survey regarding Black enrollment at UT
Correspondence between Ruthe Weingarten and John Manguso
Correspondence to Walter Logan regarding Holstein's ideal job location
Desegregation letters
E. 1/1/1796-1/9/1796, pp. 1-1v
E. 1/1/1796-1/9/1796, pp. 1-1v
E. 1/1/1796, pp. 1-2v
E. 1/11/1793-1/18/1793, p.1
E. 1/11/1793-1/18/1793, pp. 1-1v
E. 1/12/1795-1/24/1795, pp. 1-2v
E. 1/15/1796-1/22/1796, p. 1