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A.D.S., pp. 1-4v
Anonymous Englishman's Diary
Bernard Rapoport diary, 1935-1936
Bernard Rapoport diary, 1937
Bernard Rapoport diary, 1938
December 4, 1968 journal entry about Israel
Diary of Somervell's Expedition Against the Southwest in 1842 and 1843
Diary of Thomas Nunn
D.S., pp. 1-2
D.S., pp. 1-2
E. 7/27/1785-8/4/1785, pp. 1-2v
E. 7/27/1785-8/4/1785, pp. 1-2v
Mary Austin Holley Diary
Mary Maverick Diary
Mary Rabb diary
The Personal Narrative of Mexican Army Officer Lt. Col. Jose Enrique de la Pena with description of David Crockett
Peter Gallagher's Journal of the Santa Fe Expedition
Prison diary
Prison Diary [facsimile]
William Barret Travis Diary entry